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Hydro-Balance Coil & Duct Spray

SKU: 9532 | Brand: Hydro Balance
$155.45/Case of (12)
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Coil & Duct Spray may be used wherever malodors exist. Coil & Duct Spray inhibits most odor causing bacteria and odors. Try Coil & Duct Spray in the following areas. IT WORKS! In the following areas simply spray until covered with mist and let stand for 10 minutes. Homes, Inside Cars, Restaurants, Fire & Flood Areas, Hospitals, Sick Rooms, Hotel & Motel Rooms, Evaporative Coolers

For residual control of odors associated with bacteria, mold, mildew, animals, smoke, etc. Throughly spray source of odor with Coil & Duct Spray or mist air by squeezing trigger several times. Severe odors may require repeat applications. Product may bleach some carpets or fabrics, especially if applied on top of a previously used chemical agent. Do not apply until a sample test has been tried and observed for at least 24 hours. The manufacturer accepts no liability for carpet or fabric bleaching.
Coil & Duct Spray  #   9532 / H-9532
Features / Specifications
  • EPA registered fungistat, bacteriostat, and germistat for use in HVAC systems
  • For use on ductwork, evaporator coils, drip pans and associated air conditioning parts
  • Controls microbiological growth and associated odors
  • Clean the area, spray thoroughly, and allow to dry
  • Quart Size , Gallons Available / Sold Separately
TO DEODORIZE HVAC SYSTEM DUCTWORK: Spray Coil & Duct Spray into system intake vents while system fan is running. Allow enough spray time for Coil & Duct Spray to contact air duct system surfaces. Repeat application as necessary.
Replaces / Supersedes:  9532 H9532 9501 H9501 B81-550 B81550 662766260960 EnviroCon Enviro-Con Bio-Fresh CD BioFresh B82242 B82-242 412634 4126-34 Bacteriostat Coil Duct Spray
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» CoilDuctSpray MSDS.pdf

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