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AmStd / Trane OEM Filters

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PerfectFit Filters are an integral part of any American Standard or Trane Home Comfort System.  These OEM Filters are not substitutes , they are Genuine American Standard / Trane Branded filters manufactured specifically for PerfectFit Housings.  We also offer Honeywell TRN Replacements to the PerfectFit which allow for a higher MERV Rating.

drain pan pan pads pan tablet

PerfectFit Features - Standard Filter
  • Sold Each or Case of (2)
  • Support Members Provide Frame Strength
  • Filter Media Pack is Sealed to Eliminate Air Bypass
  • No Assembly Required
  • MERV8 per ASHRAE 52.2-2007
Due to excessive box size and/or shipping restraints , many sizes are sold availalbe as a case of (2).  Additional shipping charges may apply Contact Us for an estimate.

Most Filters Ship FREE in the Continental U.S...We Ship Worldwide! xxxxxxxxJob Quotes & Bulk Estimates Available, Contact Us with your Details.

$0.00/Case of (6)

FLRSF1165 OEM 16-1/4" x 20-1/4" x 3/4" Filter...

SKU: FLRSF1165 | Brand: Trane
$55.00/Case of (6)

FLRSF1185 OEM 19-3/4" x 17-3/4" x 3/4" Filter...

SKU: FLRSF1185 | Brand: Trane
$55.00/Case of (6)
$62.50/Case of (6)

FLRSF1235 OEM 22-3/4" x 19-3/4" x 3/4" Filter...

SKU: FLRSF1235 | Brand: Trane
$62.50/Case of (6)
$65.00/Case of (6)

FLRSF1265 OEM 25-3/4" x 19-3/4" x 3/4" Filter...

SKU: FLRSF1265 | Brand: Trane
$65.00/Case of (6)

BAYFTAH21M PerfectFit™ 21-1/2" x 21" x 5" Fil...

SKU: FLR06072 | Brand: Trane

BAYFTAH23M PerfectFit™ 23" X 21" X 5" Filter...

SKU: FLR06073 | Brand: Trane

BAYFTAH26M PerfectFit™ 26" X 21" X 5" Filter...

SKU: FLR06074 | Brand: Trane

FLRQB5FR16M11 Envirowise 15.75" x 19.7" x 4.7...

SKU: FLRQB5FR16M11 | Brand: Trane

FLRQB5FR17M11 Envirowise 16.7" x 26" x 4.7" Q...

SKU: FLRQB5FR17M11 | Brand: Trane

BAYFTDN17M PerfectFit™ 17-3/16" x 20-3/32" x ...

SKU: FLR07965 | Brand: Trane

FLRQB5AH18M11 Envirowise 18" x 20" x 5" QuikB...

SKU: FLRQB5AH18M11 | Brand: Trane

FLRQB5AH21M11 Envirowise 20" x 21" x 5" QuikB...

SKU: FLRQB5AH21M11 | Brand: Trane