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Custom Economizer Filters

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Custom Made to your Specifications , +/- 1/8".  Made of a heavy duty washable aluminum media and an aluminum metal frame; our metal Economizer / KKM Filters (also known as Mist Eliminators) are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  With a large filtering area, high dust holding capacity , uniform loading and low resistance to air flow; these filters are a permanent solution to disposable filters.  Available in 100's of different sizes as well as 1/2" , 1" and 2" thicknesses.  Easy to clean with any mild detergent and rinse with water to remove collected dust.  Free Shipping on Most Sizes.
Select your size , based on Thickness and Square Inch:  Length x Height or Contact Us with your dimensions...we'll provide price & availability, or have it added to the site with a link to order direct.

Quantity Discounts Available for (6) or More...We Ship Worldwide! xxxxxxxxJob Quotes & Bulk Estimates Available, Contact Us with your Details.


1/2" 200-299 Aluminum Custom Economiz...

SKU: ECONOMIZER_200-299-1/2 | Brand: Universal

1/2" 400-499 Aluminum Custom Economiz...

SKU: ECONOMIZER_400-499-1/2 | Brand: Universal

1/2" 500-599 Aluminum Custom Economiz...

SKU: ECONOMIZER_500-599-1/2 | Brand: Universal

1/2" 700-799 Aluminum Custom Economiz...

SKU: ECONOMIZER_700-799-1/2 | Brand: Universal

1" 0-199 Custom Economizer Filter...

SKU: ECONOMIZER_199_1 | Brand: Universal

1" 200-299 Aluminum Custom Economizer...

SKU: ECONOMIZER_200-299-1 | Brand: Universal

1" 300-399 Aluminum Custom Economizer...

SKU: ECONOMIZER_300-399-1 | Brand: Universal

1" 400-499 Aluminum Custom Economizer...

SKU: ECONOMIZER_400-499-1 | Brand: Universal

1" 500-599 Aluminum Custom Economizer...

SKU: ECONOMIZER_500-599-1 | Brand: Universal

1" 600-699 Aluminum Custom Economizer...

SKU: ECONOMIZER_699x1 | Brand: Universal

1" 700-799 Aluminum Custom Economizer...

SKU: ECONOMIZER_700-799-1 | Brand: Universal

2" 200-299 Aluminum Custom Economizer...

SKU: ECONOMIZER_200-299-2 | Brand: Universal