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Hydro Balance Sta-Clean® Pan Strips

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EPA Registered for use in condensate drain pans, Sta-Clean Strips by Hydro Balance provide up to 6 months of protection from the build up of algae, fungus, and other micro-organisms. Hydro Balance Sta-Clean condensate pan strips with built-in corrosion inhibitor will not cause rust in drain pans and are easy to remove at time of maintenance.  For larger units, use either one larger strip or several smaller pan strips to accomodate tonnage.

sta-clean pan strips epa registered

Sta-Clean® Pan Strips

  • Protects Drain Pan Against Clogs
  • Will Not Cause Rust in Drain Pans
  • Time Release Treatment in Protective 'Sock'
  • Long Lasting - Up To 6 Months
  • Available in (5) Standard Sizes
  • EPA Registered
  • Improves IAQ
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1 Ton Sta-Clean Pan Strip # CS-25...

SKU: CS-25 | Brand: Hydro Balance

1 Ton Universal Time Release Pan Strip # DTR1...

SKU: DTR1 | Brand: Universal

1-1/2 Ton Sta-Clean Pan Strip # CS-50...

SKU: CS-50 | Brand: Hydro Balance

2-1/2 Ton Universal Time Release Pan Strip # ...

SKU: DTR2.5 | Brand: Universal

5 Ton Universal Time Release Pan Strip # DTR5...

SKU: DTR5 | Brand: Universal

10 Ton Universal Time Release Pan Strip # DTR...

SKU: DTR10 | Brand: Universal

25 Ton Universal Time Release Pan Strip # DTR...

SKU: DTR25 | Brand: Universal

50 Ton Universal Time Release Pan Strip # DTR...

SKU: DTR50 | Brand: Universal

2-1/2 Ton Sta-Clean Pan Strip # CS-100...

SKU: CS-100 | Brand: Hydro Balance

5 Ton Sta-Clean Pan Strip # CS-250...

SKU: CS-250 | Brand: Hydro Balance

10 Ton Sta-Clean Pan Strip # CS-600...

SKU: CS-600 | Brand: Hydro Balance

20 Ton Sta-Clean Pan Strip # CS-1200...

SKU: CS-1200 | Brand: Hydro Balance